02 November 2009

Chooks at work.

Last year this was part of our garlic patch. This year we grew carrots, beetroot, cabbages, kale, spinach, turnips, broccoli and cauliflower here. Until about a month ago we were still harvesting from this plot.

Last week it was finally dry enough for the chooks to be brought down from the bush.

We love watching the chooks when they fly out of their houses onto a new patch of garden.

It doesn't take them long to start exploring their new surroundings.

The chooks will enjoy this area for the next couple of weeks but during this time they will also be hard at work for us. Their job is to eat the insects and the left over vegies, cultivate the soil and fertilise the ground with their poo.

There's Bingo making sure Dave Griffiths from geomtree is one of the good guys.

Every day their houses are pushed further along the rows to ensure their poo is evenly spread.

In a couple of weeks the chooks will be moved on and the ground will be prepared for planting this growing season's crop.

I hope you have a great week wherever you are whatever the season.


teddybearswednesday said...

Love this post and learning all that stuff. And I just love chooks and aren't they clever working away and doing all their chooky goodness. I had a small fantasty of having chooks in my (city) backyard, but it's really not big enough, and I'd want my chooks to be happy, so had to give up the dream for now.
So I love seeing your chooks!

Michelle said...

Those chooks look so happy.

Is that a masterfence from the gundaroo tiller? I'm thinking of getting one...

Thea said...

That is interesting to know how you work your farm. I love how the chooks appear to be "on a mission" watching them coming out of the van.

Tracey said...

again, really interesting stuff. I often wondered how long it would take chooks to do what they do to create fertile delicious soil and eat those pesky grubs.

oh, I am a vegetarian (for ethical reasons) but if I were to ever convert I'd submit myself to only eating chickens that have eperienced a life like your ones. They look so happy!!!