07 March 2010

Rainbow carrots.

Well hello there lovely readers of the Daylesford Organics blog, have I got a surprise for you. Along with the new blog layout with the extra pages you can click on, we also have a guest blogger today. None other than Daylesford Organics' own Farmer Bren!! Hooray!! Please be nice to him this is his very first blog post.

We call these rainbow carrots and for most people they are a novelty. In reality the orange carrot is only about 500 yrs old where as the purple dates back possibly 5000 yrs.

There are many conflicting stories as to the origins of each colour, but it seems that the purple carrot originated in Afghanistan thousands of years ago, with various yellows and whites crossing along the way until the "Horn" varieties were first recorded in the Netherlands in 1721. These varieties are thought to be the predecessor of all today's orange carrots.

I do find this history fascinating, but that's just me. I have a book in the toilet that I pick up now and then called Hybrid. The History & Science of Plant Breeding by Noel Kingsbury, an interesting read if you are a garden geek like me.

Mostly what excites me about carrots is not their history but their taste, look, smell and crunch.

Why grow only one colour of carrot when each one of these has a distinct flavour?

Washing carrots is not a bad job at this time of year, although I won't be saying the same thing come the May harvests.

To me it is a bit like flower arranging. I reckon they are a bit like bunches of flowers.

Great photo Katie!

Who said carrots were boring?


M* (Melanie) said...

Oh yum! Well at least I think they're yum. I've tried growing coloured carrots but have failed. I'm a lousy gardener as I'm time deprived. If I have to make a choice between the garden and the crochet hook, the hook wins everytime.

Great post Bren!

PS: Love the book in the toilet mention. I reckon someone should make a book about books found in toilets. They are undoubtedly the most interesting books around.

sean the prawn said...

oooohhhh aaahhh, they look great.
Would make a great bouquet for an alternative bride.I often try to buy the heirloom mix from Diggers but they sell out everytime before my order gets processed.

teddybearswednesday said...

WOw this is super interesting and that book sounds fascinating. Great first post Bren- look out Kate! And I can vouch for these carrots, i bought them today from this very farm and I've already munched on a purple one- outstanding.

Sue said...

Congrats Bren on your first post! I havent tried the other varieties (yet) but one day I will. I was one of those kids that used to munch on a big carrot for snack and I still love them now. I can even get my daughter to eat them raw too!

pen said...

the first time I ever saw the purple carrots were piled high on carts in India
great post Bren!

bee said...

Great post! Beautiful pics too :) I'm growing Purple Dragon carrots at the moment, and I swear they taste sweeter than the orange variety I'd grown previously... Not to mention the amazing colour combo of purple skin and orange flesh - it looks spectacular on the plate!

VaderKip said...

Very informative Bren. Thanks for that. And what a great range. I'm struggling just to grow orange ones!! keep up the great work. Cheers

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Leonie Guld said...

So Bren.....where do we get some seed? Kate, Pic's are sensational!!!! This is a fantastic post maybe I should put some light reading in the LOO!!!

Cherie said...

Stunning - they almost look too good to eat. Have seen lots about the purples in the media and saw the juice in a local health food shop! Oh I so wish I was closer to buy from you - well done ;)

Manda said...

and I was happy with my little bunch of carrots i grew..your carrots are beautiful! i want to eat some... and i wonder does the fun of pulling them out wear off after a certain number?..and ps cool photos Kate!