19 May 2010

Garlic @ six weeks.

Our garlic has been in the ground for six weeks.

This year we've planted most of it in between the new apple trees.

Better look busy, the supervisors are on their way.

Farmer Bren is checking how much the roots have grown in six weeks.

Pretty impressive huh?

Once you remove last year's garlic clove,

you are left with the start of this year's bulb.

He likes to taste things to see how they are going, but can't understand why I wouldn't kiss him for the rest of the afternoon.

The other Brendan is using the wheel hoe to weed in between the garlic plants.

Liam is hoeing between the little garlics,

and playing funny buggers.

Its looking like a wonderful crop so far.

Want to see it for yourself?
There's still a few places for the Walking The Talk farm tours.

Date: Saturday 22 and Saturday 29th May.
Time: 2 - 4pm.
Place: Daylesford Organics. 19 Foxs Lane Muskvale.
Cost: $20per person, 15yrs and under free.
Booking: Email
Hopefully: See you then.


farmdoc said...

If I was a Daylesford Organics farm worker, I'd be quivering in my boots whenever the short fat supervisor (wearing the striped top) came around to check on my work.

Tanya said...

Kate, I love your photos- looking great as is your garlic crop. yummo!

ZippyZippy said...

Was great to meet you "in real life" on Sunday Kate and Bren. We had a lovely inspiring time visiting you. We returned home and found our vegie patch TINY.
Thanks for a great afternoon

Unknown said...

The garlic tash made me laugh! Hope the super didn't see it!! Hope you get lots of takers for your farm tours... wishing I could come but it's rather a long way from York UK ;) Maybe next year (fingers crossed)? My word verification thinks I might be in with a chance: 'chancebe' te he.

bee said...

Yet another really great post Kate, I love reading your posts :) The garlic moustache made me chuckle! I only just got my garlic on the ground a couple of weeks ago, I'm trying two different varieties this year to see how they compare :)

Chicken Willow said...

Aren't those roots amazing! Lovely photos Kate, wish I could come for the tour. Me and the kids planted carrots a few weeks ago so they are eagerly checking them each day to see if they've grown, so cute.

Nick said...

Who makes the wheel hoe you use? How do you like it?
Here is the wheel hoe that we use. It has very different type of weeding blades that sweep backwards and I think it makes it easy to push. Your blade looks to be straight, like a bulldozer. Doesn't it plug up with weeds?