03 December 2010

Your local farmer's market.

Please do me a favour and visit your local farmers' market this weekend.

So many farmers are doing it tough right now. After 10 years of drought, over the past few weeks we have had hundreds of mls of rain at the wrong time, humidity and unseasonably cool temperatures.

The start of the season looked so promising, like the best season in years. But since then nothing has gone to plan. Top soil has been washed away, stone fruit has swollen and split, crops are rotting in soggy soils and I don't even want to think about what damage the hail storm that has just passed through central Victoria will do.

So please go and visit your local farmers' market this weekend. Say g'day to the farmer who has gotten up early, driven to town and set up a stall to sell you the freshest, most delicious produce. Plan your weekend's menu around it, make an outing of it, take the kids or the grand parents and don't forget your brolly.

Farmer Bren will be selling the best eggs in town at The Melbourne Show ground Farmers' Market on Sunday and I know he'd love to see you.


Anonymous said...

gee I hope this heat is drying out a bit of the sog for you!
Thinking of you when I hear forecasts.

Manda said...

Kate, if i could, i would come and buy all of those (delicious im sure) eggs from you guys. hope the locusts havent landed at your place on top of the rest that mother nature is throwing at us. x x

Anonymous said...

If I was in the area I would be there in a heart beat. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog and leading me to yours. I can't imagine what it must be like with all the flooding you guys have been having.

Killiecrankie Farm said...

wowh - thats tragic kate - the photos really show just what it is the farmers up your way are dealing with.
HERE, HERE to produce markets !
Hmm, maybe pots hanging in trees?
Seedlings in plugs, ready for a dryer patch ????
Fingers crossed for you all.
hydroponic wasabi ?
what do the indonesians grow in this ????