27 March 2011

The top orchard.

Ten years ago we bought this farm off a guy called Tom and his wife Lois. When Tom and Lois first moved here about 15 years before that, they hadn't been too sure of what to do with this place, so Tom made an orchard up near the house and planted one of every fruit tree he thought might do well and then watched them to see what would happen.

He planted a few varieties of plum, lots of different apples, some pears, a quince, cherries, apricots, lemons, mulberries and peaches.

After a few years he saw that this area is not suitable for growing peaches and apricots and lemons because it gets too cold but he also saw that the apples thrived.

So Tom set about planting an apple orchard and while they lived here he grew and sold certified organic apples.

In the ten years since we have been here we have planted about five hundred more apple trees and lots of other fruit trees too. These apples are the working apples. The farm fruit trees. But the top orchard is a bit like the home orchard. It doesn't always get as well maintained as the other orchards and often the fruit doesn't look as good and the birds and kangaroos get a lot but its always worth a walk through in Autumn to see what's around.

Today we found lots and lots of apples. Most are spotty and starchy still but we'll keep checking them now and pick them as they ripen.

We picked the last of the plums, including this love heart one.

A crate of quinces.

A crate of Pepper.

Jazzy upside down fruit.

And loads and loads of pears.

Its been a horrible year for the farm apples with the humidity and mould, but somehow these fruit trees on the top of the hill haven't done too badly. I'm not going to question why, I'm just going to enjoy them.

Have a wonderful week.


farmdoc said...

You have a wonderful week too.
P.S. I love the 'crate of Pepper' and the 'Jazzy upside down fruit'. And of course the other three of you.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

How exciting all that delicious fruit to process !~! Just lovely and kids and baskets, boxes and cupboards manage to get together don’t they ? The Littles around here try anything they think they’ll fit into and sometimes it gets pretty funny.

Have a blessed season.

Unknown said...

What a great story. You are amazing people. Maybe one day I will go down under and come visit your amazing farm.

Killiecrankie Farm said...

what wonderful production Kate - after all the rain damage its great to see such fruitfulness and abundance at you place.