26 May 2009

Meet Bingo and Banjo

This is Bingo.

Bingo is named after that song

There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name o.

Bingo is a Maremma breed of farm dog.

Maremmas originated in Italy and were bred to guard sheep from wolves

These days they are used all around the world to protect all types of animals.

We love our Maremmas for the wonderful work they do to protect our chooks.

Bingo lives with our baby chickens and protects them from foxes.

This is Banjo.

Banjo was the name I always wanted to call the son I never had.
(And with two male dogs Bren feels a bit less outnumbered.)
Banjo lives with some of our older chooks.

I think Bingo and Banjo have a wonderful life, sleeping all day and barking all night.

And we have never lost a chook to a fox on their guard.


farmdoc said...

Pete (aka Petey Boy) sends his very best wishes from Mole Creek to Bingo and Banjo in Musk Vale.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Bingo and Banjo are so cute! Do you have trouble telling them apart?