05 May 2009

New Shoes

Late last January we were informed by email that we had been nominated for the Vogue Entertaining +Travel Produce Awards and should deliver a selection of our eggs and veg to two top Melbourne chefs for judging.

A couple of weeks later we were informed again by email that we had been shortlisted and to send a selection of our produce to Sydney to be judged by two more top Australian chefs.
This was in late February and we had just had an increadibly close shave with a bushfire.

In March we sent heirloom carrots, potatoes, beetroot leaves, beetroots, eggs, garlic and shallots to Hamilton Island for the Award finalists and winners photo shoot.

And here are the new shoes I bought yesterday and will be lucky enough to wear next Monday to the Award ceremony.


WriterBee said...

I love that your shoes are as colourful as your produce. Even if you don't win you'll look beautiful and I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. But I wish you the best of luck anyway.

farmdoc said...

Sorry, but luck has nothing to do with it. The judges know that, and I know that. I'd put it down to passion, and an obsession with soil enrichment.

Beck said...

Wow Kate!! Love the blog - well done! The photos are fabulous, the produce looks amazing and as for the shoes...!!! Can we see the dress too?? Can't wait for photos from the awards. How wonderful to be nomimated, it's nice to have all the hard work acknowledged. Hope you two have a ball. x

Lark said...

Lovely, lovely veg! Fingers crossed!

Allison x

Lynda said...

OOOh! Your shoes match your carrotts and beetroot!
Good luck! Are those shoes those vegan shoes? Very nice!

alter_ego said...

Those shoes are super cute :)

Janae said...

Agree with Lynda.!! Those shoes are really match with carrotts and beetroot.