24 May 2009

Thank you quince tree

Whenever we get back from Melbourne I see our farm with fresh eyes.

For a little while I can overlook all the work that needs to be done and appreciate how lucky we are and how beautiful this place is.

I seem to notice the smaller details.

While gathering the eggs this afternoon I noticed that the quince tree in the top orchard was in the final stages of dropping its golden leaves.

I saw beyond the tangle of blackberry at its feet and considered the abundant and successful quince season this year.

Quinces are funny fruit and I must admit that until this year I have never appreciated them or cooked with them. They are almost inedible raw and quite time consuming to process.

But this year there have been countless batches of stewed and mashed quince pulp dripping their rose coloured and sweet perfumed juice through muslin.

All that liquid has been boiled into jelly and poured into jars and labelled.

My Mum calls it bottled Autumn.

We have been and still are enjoying eating the jelly on everything from meat to cheese to crumpets and toast.

For the next few Farmers Markets, until we sell out, Bren will have the quince jelly on his stall so you can enjoy it as much as we do.

Thank you quince tree.


Beck said...

Like you I haven't really appreciated or thought much about the quince tree until this year. It really is a magic tree with it's beautiful leaves, pretty blossom & golden fruit. I am loving the jelly from our quinces & making it will definitely be an ongoing tradition. Yay for quince trees! x

Meg said...

Customer testimonial: I am lucky enough to have a jar of Daylesford Organics quince jelly and boy oh boy is it delicious. I like to have it on toasted rye bread with butter. Thank you quince tree indeed!

WriterBee said...

It is interesting how such an unassuming fruit keeps its secret so well locked away. It might be a lot of effort to make, but the result is worth it. Your quince jelly achieves the perfect balance of sweet and tart within that gorgeous colour.

eddy carroll said...

Ohmylordy, that quince jelly looks so delicious, how lucky you are indeed, enjoy. Our little shop that sells yummy, but not that yummy, things, feels so so so far away from where all the good stuff is....