30 July 2009

End of July.

We are more than half way through winter here in one of the coldest parts of Australia. The days are slowly getting longer even if you can't notice it yet.

A lot of my time is spent trying to keep warm and cozy but Daylesford Organics is still ticking along doing the every day chores as well as preparing for the next growing season.

There is always a great long list of orders and things to do each day on the coolroom door.

The Spring bulbs are starting to bravely poke their heads out of the ground which always makes me feel a bit optimistic.

The market trailer which has been parked here for the last few months will soon need to be cleaned out and prepared.

The coolroom that sits on the back of Bren's ute will need to be unwrapped and used for deliveries again.

And those chickies, my how they've grown.
At 3 and a half weeks old, their legs are growing long and although their heads are still fluffy, their bodies are full of feathers.

Not long now until they are ready for some outside playtime.


Beck said...

That last photo is seriously adorable. Glad you are looking towards's a funny time of year right now isn't it? The days can seem a bit grey & winter seems to drag. Keep warm xo

Tammy said...

Love your to do list there! Ah as you know I have blooms atop my spring growth already ... beautiful yellow faces! that last little chick makes me think of a teenager looking big but still quite small.

Jacqueline said...

Every time I look at those chicks I just want to bring bucket loads of them home! Alas, we don't have room.

I've got mixed feelings about summer coming - it's been a hard winter with all the germs going around but the thought of summer fires makes me happy to stay cold for now. I did here some young birds singing this week - a sure sign we are heading for spring.