05 July 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Here at Daylesford Organics we have a tradition of making pasta on Sunday afternoons.
It's a whole family event.

Mixing, rolling, cutting, draping and drying the dough.

This is the view from our kitchen window.
It's the calmest its been for days.

The house dam is the fullest its been for years thanks to the help of the new bore. You might actually need that bridge to get across to the island.

That path behind the bridge was part of the containment line during the February bushfire. You can see where it burnt through our bush just behind there.

Hello duckies!

Dinner time!

And the vegetarian option.


Cathie said...

What a fantastic Sunday afternoon! I think we may have to add that in sometime. haven't made homemade pasta in so long.
I would definitely be tasting your vegetarian option..mmmm :)

RoLuc said...

Yum! I made Gnocci from scratch for the first time onSat....loved it! I think I'll make more pasta next weekend! PS. The put vic on your plate video is great! Good to see regional exposure.

Petrus Spronk said...

I find your family such an amazing inspiration. The pasta making a case in point
would love to attend one sunday and learn something new (for me) and be helpful at the same time.....