16 July 2009

In Vogue (again)

The August/September issue of Vogue Entertaining and Travel is out and we are in it.

Page 35 is dedicated to the 2009 Vogue E + T Produce Awards.
There we are in the bottom left hand corner.

On page 150 there is a photo of the dish Matt Wilkinson made for the Produce Awards readers dinner at Circa, The Prince.

The dish was truffled egg with Daylesford Organics garlic champ.
Also on page 150 is a photo of Alex Kearns preparing his dish for the degustation  dinner at the Noosa Food and Wine Festival.

The dish, also pictured, is a pickled carrot salad featuring Daylesford Organics heirloom carrots.

To read more about the Vogue E + T Produce Awards please see here and here (the basket of vegies at the top of the page are ours).


Beck said...

Wow!! How super exciting is this!?? The photo's are fantastic and don't you both look great? Your vegies look lovely too, you must be so pleased, well done! xox

Cathie said...

Yay! congrats, how exciting! Great photos of you both & those beautiful vegies as well.
Nice one!! That framed photo should definitely be on the mantel!

farmdoc said...

Media Hogs! Seriously, though, I am so proud of you for what you are achieving. So very proud. Your hard work deserves reward, and so your Vogue E+T Award is well deserved. My only regret is that Bren didn't wear his waders to the presentation. That would have created a media frenzy. xx

WriterBee said...

I can't wait to buy my own copy of the magazine to show off to all my friends. I am so proud of you for your well-deserved and hard-earned success.

Tania said...

I so love it when nice people get REALLY REALLY UBER famous! Seriously well done.

emily b-sides said...


Too beautiful and amazing for words.*


* Unless WOW and WOOO HOOO count!!

Corrie said...

well done! I always read those pages, not that I know anyone but well done!!

lovely to find your blog! will be popping back again....and ugh paperwork. its the one thing I'm not good at, an accountant by trade but come tax time I'm running around the house looking in my usual places where I stash bills!