14 August 2009


Yesterday Liam was working in the shed when he heard the cheep-cheeping of a strange sounding bird. He hunted around a bit and came across one of the new chicks. It seems they have been flying up to perch on the edge of their fence and jumping over. The shed is about 20 meters from their chick house.

While we are all for free range chooks here at Daylesford Organics, we believe at 5 and a half weeks old these chicks are a bit too young to fend for themselves.

Until they are big enough not to fit through the holes of the solar electric netting fences we have covered their yard with bird netting. This will also stop any hungry birds of prey from getting to them.

Miss Pepper, who has taken to dragging that green thing around everywhere with her, can't quite work out why the chicks are hiding.

And look what I got when I got home from the school run.
It seems we have a microclimate across the road at Bren's parents' block. Our daffs are barely out of the ground let alone flowering.

I hope you have a great weekend.


Leonie Guld said...

Awww isnt he fantastic giving you some flowers! Thought he had a nice voice!

Tammy said...

Ahhh A little bit of Spring early for you after all! Have a great weekend Kate!

Beck said...

I love the photo's of Pepper holding her random green thing. Does she take it out with her? On the road? To the shops? Hoping to see them together in Vincent St soon xo ps don't daff's make you feel good? Spring is coming...yay!

Sue said...

Oh how sweet to receive daffodils. Isnt that lovely! I love the pic of your daughter with the green thing. What does she use it for. I hope the chicks are safe now. My dad used to have chickens and we used to clip the feathers on one wing so they couldnt fly away over the neighbour's fences.

James said...

Good reading yourr post