04 August 2009

Taking Chicks Out.

The day has arrived.
The chicks are 4 weeks old today and it's time for them to go outside for the first time.

Tentatively they come to the door to have a look at what is going on.

Come on chickens.

Slowly they take their first steps into the big wide world.

Down the ramp.

When we first moved here Bren found an old above ground swimming pool shell that he knew someday we'd find a use for.

That old shell now gets used once a season as the first fence for the chicks.
Later on they will have solar electric netting fencing but at the moment they are too small and can fit through the holes.

If you guys don't come out I'm going to have to come up and get you.

After a while we gave up waiting for them to come outside their warm house and went inside to have morning tea.

And look what we found when we came back.

What a big day for these chickens.
They get to express all their true chicken behavior for the first time, scratching, pecking, digging and exploring.

Spare a thought for those poor birds that never get to see the sky or scratch at a grub in the ground.


Leonie Guld said...

What a great blog, I could hear the noise as I was reading. That fence is a great idea, they will be huge in no time. Ours have started eating their own eggs....arrrh any ideas? I think I stuffed up and gave them some old shells back in the scrap bucket and now they have the taste for it. Those little cute chickens are smarter than we think!!

WriterBee said...

And look at your littlest chicken as she explores the world too, but sticking pretty close to her dad.

Tammy said...

I love that first pic of them peeping out the door.

Beck said...

Go chookies go!! Woohoo! xo

Meg said...

What was it Zeida said: if he were born again he'd like to come back as your and bren's child, otherwise he'd like to come back as one of your chooks. Who wouldn't??

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