23 December 2009

Farm gate sales.

For the past ten days this sign has been stuck to our front fence.

It has been there to inform the passers by of our intention to start selling from the farm gate and asks for objections. All the neighbouring land owners were also notified by mail.

Today we got a letter in the mail to inform us that our permit has been approved. Yay!

Lucky we got the approval because the Daylesford GetawaysWelcome Guide came out today with our new ad in it.

We will be open from January to July 2010
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 11am - 5pm

Come and see us for award winning, certified organic, fruit, vegetables and eggs.
See where your produce comes from, talk to us, the farmers and if you tell us you read this blog you will receive a free gift.


74 Lime Lane said...

congrats kate and family!
can't wait to see some photos of the produce stall!

CurlyPops said...

Congratulations - now that was a perfect Christmas pressie, and yet another reason for everyone to visit Daylesford,

Cathie said...

that's so very exciting! well done.
here's to many, many visitors.

M* (Melanie) said...

ooo, so tempting...very very tempting.

RoLuc said...

I'll be there soon!

Thea said...

I really hope to visit Daylesford next year! It sounds like the perfect getaway. Happy Christmas!

Sally said...

How exciting!!!
I really really hope that I have the opportunity to be passing by one day.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Yay!! that is exciting! lucky Daylesford!