21 December 2009

On the tractor.

If you are looking for Bren, this is where you'll find him at the moment, from sunup to sundown.

He's cutting the grass, he's making our place fire safe, he's turning the compost, he's doing road works and mulching the gorse.

He's listening to the radio in his headphones and is a wealth of information. Apparently there's a cyclone about to hit WA which means we'll get between 15 to 50mls of rain on Thursday. Yay!!


Leonie Guld said...

Oh...I love that last shot!! Great images kate!

Meg said...

When I hear the school bell ring up the street I think about your girls going from class to lunch or recess and then home.

Now whenever I hear a truck sputter up the street I think of Bren on his tractor.

Ride safe, Brenno! xx