09 December 2009


Funny that we take the credit for all the good stuff that goes on around here, when its really these guys that do the hard work.


farmdoc said...

I know you are modest, Kate and Bren. And I think your modesty is admirable. But you really have to accept some credit for wanting to grow your vegetables and fruit in soil and not dirt. The worms can and will help you, and maybe even do most of the work for you. But I believe it's a joint partnership between you and the worms, so that either party can't get the best results without the other.
P.S. With this in mind, when you win your next award, why not take some worms to the ceremony and let them share the credit that's due to them.

Mr. H. said...

I agree, worms are a vegetable farmer/gardeners best friend and yours look very happy and healthy.