30 December 2009


Every year over summer we make jokes about Bren having another girlfriend called Tap, as he is constantly jumping up and going to change the irrigation taps.

At this time of year its all about the water.

We use these wobbler sprinklers until the seed germinates and then we swap to drip tape.

Our farm gate stall is opening on Sunday. I hope you can come and see us soon.


Tanya said...

Well I think it would be rather lovely to be under those sprinklers right now!

Beck said...

Yes, do they run at night? It's so hot in our house I might just pop out there in my nightie and lay down amongst the seedlings...ever so carefully of course. I've noticed that it's getting alot drier around the country side now and the sprinklers were pumping out near Dean today. Where does all your water come from? Or is that a silly question? xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, your photos are lovely. Good luck with the Farm Gate opening, I will try to pop in if I can. Saw you on TV when they re-ran a segment on the Vogue food awards. You're famous! See you, Simone (from Trentham)

Tammy said...

Hi Kate, I wish I was closer to pop in and visit you when your farm gate Sales start.
Good Luck : )

ZippyZippy said...

Hi Kate, Happy New Year!
A trip to your farm gate is definately on my to-do-list for the new year.