14 September 2009

Eggs & Lemons.

Did you see this in yesterday's The Sunday Age newspaper's Sunday life magazine?

Thanks Alla!

Look what my friend Sally just sent me home with. I am so excited. It's too cold to grow our own lemon tree here but I adore them, skin and all.

I'm off to do some baking now...lemon squares, lemon cake, some juiced and frozen for later.

Does anyone have a recipe for preserved lemon? Or in fact any favourite lemon recipe?

I hope your Monday is a funday.


Sam said...

Ya can't beat homemade lemon honey!

Cathie said...

what a great pressie. we went over to a friends today and came back with beautiful lemons & rhubarb! I'm using them for lemon tart. preserved lemons is just basically lemons stuffed in a jar with heaps of salt. I'll search a recipe for you.

WriterBee said...

How wonderful. A woman can never have too many lemons. Stephanie Alexander's 'The Cook's Companion' has some good recipes, including one for lemon curd.

Meg said...

Tequila!! Lick, sip, suck, baby!

Lark said...

We have a good old lemon tree and we made up a pasta recipe that we call Pasta a la Jacob that's really simple. Cook some pasta, make a pesto of oregano (or basil), lots of garlic and loads of EV olive oil, toss the pesto into the hot pasta, add chunks of feta cheese and some just-toasted cashew nuts then squeeze lemon all over. Or maybe just a large gin and tonic with lemon, that's my other favourite use for them!! x

CurlyPops said...

My favourite lemon recipe is the good old lemon slice. I have the recipe on my blog here:
but the ladies in the cafe at the Daylesford market had the most delicious lemon slice ever!

Anonymous said...

Slices of crusty fresh bread, a generous smear of butter. Topped with thin slices of lemon (rind and all)and either anchovy or parmigiano reggiano cheese.

Totally simple, unbelievably delicious.