06 September 2009

Home in September.

We've been away at the beach for 2 weeks.

I thought I'd keep this blog going while we were away but with reports from home of massive amounts of rain, crazy winds and wild, wintry conditions it felt like we were a million miles away. It felt like things would have changed so much, that the photos I had taken before we left would have been out of date.

The calendulas are flowering like mad in the green house.

The parsley is bushy and tastes amazing.

The kale has gone to seed.

The broad beans are flowering. I adore broad beans and am very excited by this progress.

The cabbages have hearted.

There are puddles everywhere.

Miss Pepper seemed very happy to swap the water sports of the past 2 weeks for this new type.

The first 3 globe artichokes of the season.

We had a lovely time away but it is great to be back.
Oh, except for the fact that it has just started pelting with rain and it is about 20 degrees colder than what we've become used to.

A HUGE Happy Fathers' Day to my Dad, to John, Bren's Dad and of course to Bren, the wonderful Dad of my girls.


Meg said...

Welcome home! And happy father's day, Bren. xx

Beck said...

It seems like you left in one season and came back in another! Although with Daylesford's climate it can be tricky to define seasons. It looks like things have been ticking away nicely on the farm. I love the puddle photo's, nothing like a bit of mud to make a girl feel at home xoxo

Kaleb said...

Loved reaading this thank you