20 September 2009

Ducklings & Chicks

Last Wednesday Bren brought home 300 day-old chicks and 25 day-old ducklings.

The chicks are made up of three different varieties. The whites are Leghorn cross New Hampshires, the blacks are Australorp cross New Hampshires, and the browns are Gingerhams. The ducklings are Khaki Campbells.

We have had never had ducklings before and are all absolutely taken with them.

When we brought home our last batch of chicks in July they were very sleepy for a few days and stayed huddled together, some barely opening their eyes. This time the weather was a bit warmer and they were quick to jump out of their boxes and explore their new surroundings.

Some even jumped off the side of the brooder, ready to take on the big wide world.

Did you see the Discover Daylesford exerpt in yesterday's The Age newspaper?

On page 12 there is an article about local producers.

And page 13 has a big picture of our betroot.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Quack quack.


Belinda said...

Khaki Campbell ducklings. I want some of them in the future although considering I don't have a brooder and such I will probably end up going POLish.

I can't wait to see these little beauties grow up, I have never seen any Aussie bred ones before.

Kind Regards

meetmeatmikes said...

Oh my gosh!
Those ducklings are gorgeous!
Lucky you guys!
Lucky ducks!


Tammy said...

Well there is something just divinely cute about fuzzy ducklings so I can see why you are taken with them... quack quack.

Anonymous said...

i fell in love with a khaki campbell once at the show and brought him home on the train and the pram with Harry( he's 14 now) Duckie lived with us inside while he was little and used to poop on newspaper then he grew up and moved out with the chickens....i miss him!

Beck said...

Kate, those ducks are just so utterly adorable,can I have one? Seriously, next time you go duck shopping can you add one to the order? Loved this post xox ps having fun up here - so, so beautiful and beachy xo ps D'ford seems a million light years away..

Meg said...

So cute!! Hey, check this out. xx

Cathie said...

Hey Ms Kate, you won the kiddie cookie cutters!! please send me an email with your address. thanks for your entry ♥

Tania said...

Between you and Dandelion you both make me want to up sticks, live in the hills and embrace the chook!

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh THe ducklings!!! Oh the chicks!!! I love them!!!
Wonderful about the age too!!!

ren said...

They're just so cute! I feel all mushy and want to hug them all!